Lets save 2 Million Trees!

Every year 2 million trees are cut in the process of making papers. Visiting cards play a significant role in paper consumption. But 90% of visiting cards printed are thrown without having a glance. Lets innovate technology to create a sustainable solution for this problem.

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Utilize technology to create a sustainable and better environment for our future. Lets make communication simple, effective and meaningful in every way possible


We are committed to creating the most convenient, secure, details-sharing platform. To Leverage the technology to provide the best quality & experience for our customers without wasting resources. To Spread awareness about reducing paper usage to save forest.

Our Why

In this beautiful world we live in, businesses can’t thrive without usage of paper. 27 million business cards are being printed daily. This means 2000 trees are being cut down every day. In just one week, over 1.2 billion cards will be thrown away without even being looked at. So, in one year, 72000 trees are being destroyed for nothing.

Anyways these natural resources are debt we have received from the future generations. We want future generations to have these resources too. But If we keep wasting them, there’s no point in having them. We believe modern technology used innovatively will help us to reduce consumption of natural resources effectively.


Let’s Make Communication Simple, Effective and Meaningful In Every Way Possible

Our Team

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

We’re happy to share that we’ve partnered with “One Tree Planted”
to plant trees!

They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity.

They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

For every product sold Xpresscards will plant 1 tree!

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Plant One Tree

Each time you use xpresscard in every interaction, in ONE YEAR you could SAVE ONE TREE
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