Xpress Cards Affiliate Program

We are always looking for people to help spread the word about Xpresscards to their friends. Join our affiliate program today, start referring new customers to us, and earn money for your efforts. The better you do, the more you’ll earn!

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Sit back and watch your revenue grow!

Sell more by using the Xpresscards Affiliate Program. It was designed for all levels of marketers to be successful.

Quick and Easy Sharing Tools

With our simple and concise links, your campaign will be a success.

Multiple Tiers Affiliate Program

 We reward our partners with increasing commissions each time they reach the next tier.

Tracking in Real Time

 Our dashboard tracks your clicks in real time, so you can find out more about your campaigns.

Affiliate Program

Innovative ad campaigns that will inform your customers about all of your advertising channels.

Simple Dashboard

 Our web-based, affiliate control panel provides the tools to track your campaigns and keep up with all earnings.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

We have affiliate managers who are dedicated to their work. They are the ones to answer any questions you have for them.

Duration for Referral Link

 Your referral link remains active for a year. If a customer uses your link and then returns to make a purchase, you will still be credited.

Begin Now

 Earn 5% commissions on your first 99 referrals to our affiliate programme! You will get paid out every time you refer a new customer.

Earn Up To $100 at your First level Affiliate Program

 Earn money for every sale you make with our multi-level affiliate program.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Xpresscards Affiliate program?

Our Affiliate Program rewards you when you recommend our services to your friends and colleagues. Simply share your affiliate link or promote our service on your website and social media platforms. You may earn up to $100 in commissions if some of your friends and visitors join up for our services using your affiliate link.

How does it Work?

Getting started is really simple – get your affiliate links or banners from your Affiliate Panel and set them on your website, on social media, or in your email. If someone clicks on your link, they will be directed to our website. you will earn up to $100 in commissions.

How to Join Xpresscards Affiliate Program?

Anyone can join our Affiliate Program. It is absolutely free to sign up and you do not need to be an existing Xpresscards customer to participate.

How much can I earn?

The earning potential is unlimited. Your profits are directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you invest into driving sales. You can earn up to $100 at the first level of the affiliate programme.

When and How I will get paid?

Once your commission has been authorised, you can request a payment. Commissions are authorised in every single purchase of the customers who are all you referred.
You can earn up to 5% commission, customer that they complete a purchase by your referral.
You can access your cash as soon with our Affiliate Terms of Service.