Want to
expose your Brand

Within 10 secs
on first meeting?

Make it real with NFC BUSINESS CARDS by sharing
about you, contact info, social media
list products /services, catalog of items for sale
Enquiry options, and encourage visitors to close a deal.

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Xpress card Red
Xpress card Red

 One Tap is
All it takes

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Xpress card Red
NFC Visiting Card
Turn your Business card into a powerful brand ambassador Pitch more often and keep your business and earth cool…

Instant Contactless Sharing

You can share your details directly and also digitally within 3 secs.

One Card for life time

No longer need to carry your entire business cards with you— one card will do the trick

Capture your Lead

Your NFC card is not an ordinary card. It’s like a mini-website it’ll work even when you sleep.

Save Resources

Don’t lose time & money to print paper visiting cards repeatedly. Update your profile from designs to data.

Save Environment

Save our environment by reducing paper usage, be an ethical brand & be an idol of your next generation

Get Your Card, Change the way you connect


Business Card


Go digital with NFC business cards.Our business card are a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your customers and peers

Cards printed / Day

Trees to be destroyed / Day

Cards thrown away without a glance / week

Trees Destroyed for nothing / Yr

Stop trashing the planet by giving out paper visiting cards. It wastes too many natural resources & your valuable time.

With Xpresscards increase your probability to win every deal within 7 secs.

By Networking with Xpresscard you can make people save your entire business info on their phones instantly and securely with a one tap

Pick the best one for your brand to create everlasting impression in every interaction and contribute to our environment.

Xpress card Red
Xpress card Red

Say Goodbye to Paper Visiting cards and go back to live with nature

#Life on Land

Make Smart Move

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