Make Communication simple,Secure,

We make communication simple with our contactless cards. They’re designed with NFC technology, so it’s easy to share your contact information, social media links, and more details in a single tap.
Smart Xpress cards

one card For all your needs

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With a single tap, Share anything

  • Who You are…
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Links
  • Products/ Service
  • Gallery
  • Shopping & Enquiry Options
  • Payment Options
Nfc Xpress Cards

NFC Businesscard

Making a call, sending a text or email, or sharing contact or social media links is as easy as tapping one card.
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Personal Profile

A good way to let people know who you are is by sharing information in a creative way. One way to do this is by sharing your profile online.
Jhon Mobile Connection

Get more Connections

Your card is your mini-website. It’s an easy way to get more connections and leads.
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Digital Presence Plug it in

Can be linked to any digital presence – PDFs, videos, apps, and more. You can even send a message without opening the App.

Express Yourself With

  Xpress card.

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For Solopreneurs / Entrepreneurs

With the Xpress card, that lets you create a memorable experience with every customer interaction. It saves your information on their phone instantly. Connect more with your customers, and make them happy!

Team Discussion

For Team

Make it easy for your team to build strong connections with your customers. Allow them to connect with a single tap and give your brand a unique personality.

Professional Ceo

For Professionals

Communicate with the world instantly by sharing your contact information, website links, address, organization profile, and so on. Engage with people all over the globe and build an amazing connection.

A Way to

 get your card.

Get Your Card

Purchase Your card through a shop page. Within 24 hours our customer support team will contact you to get the info.

Customize Your Profile

Then we will send the login details to your email, by using this, choose theme & update details on your digital profile. Your card will arrive in 7 days if you place an order now.

Tap & Share

Now it’s time to ace your every interaction. Just tap the card on NFC Supported smartphones, your profile will be visible. If it is not NFC supported no need to worry, QR code is also available. 

Save 1 Tree/ Year

By Greening the Way You Connect with Xpresscards, you can leave a legacy of healthy forests for future generations to enjoy.

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Easy Sharing

Share Your Details instantly in a single tap with a memorable experience

Eco Friendly

Using this card, every day you can save a lot of trees by reducing Paper Usage.

Green Land
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Save Resources

It saves the lot of resources for our nature as well as business.


NFC cards won’t fade easily and details are updatable at any time.
Time and money
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New & Trendy

Feel One Step ahead, updated and new
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