Lets save 2 Million

Every year 2 billion trees are cut in the process of making papers. Visiting cards play a significant role in paper consumption. But 90% of visiting cards printed are thrown without having a glance. Lets innovate technology to create a sustainable solution for this problem.

Our Why

In this beautiful world we live in, businesses can’t thrive without usage of paper. 27 million Business cards are being printed everyday which leads to cutting of 2000 trees. In one week close to 1.2 billion cards will be thrown away without even having a glance. So approximately 72000 trees are being destroyed without any reason. Also, to produce 1 Ton of paper we use 500 litres of water.

Anyways these natural resources are debt we have received from the future generations. We want our Future generation to have these resources as well, and if we continue to do wasting resources, there is no point in it.

We believe modern technology used innovatively will help us to reduce consumption of natural resources effectively.

Let’s Make Communication Simple, Effective and Meaningful In Every Way Possible


A contactless communication technology. It facilitates secure connection, exchange of digital content and NFC enabled devices with a tap. This technology makes a positive difference on environment and feels updated while sharing info instantly.

We made a sturdy and sleeky card that enables, “one card for a lifetime“.

Every interaction with a Smart business card saves the lives of trees and resources. You can save at least ONE TREE FOR A YEAR, if you interact using

NFC business cards

qr scaner

QR Scan

Open QR Scanner App.
Point Camera at the QR Code.
Open The Notification.

nfc reder


on NFC Enabled Phone.
Open the Notification.

Update Anytime

Multi Themes

NFC Enabled

QR Scan

Easy Sharing

Update Anytime

Multi Themes

NFC Enabled

QR Scan

Easy Sharing

Our Products

Personal Card

Let’s introduce yourself in a creative twist to leave a lasting impression. Compare to a paper visiting card, it has a longer life.

Premium Card

Our premium business cards make a bold statement for your brand & the perfect choice for a professional image. A sleek & sturdy card

Business Card

Go digital with NFC business cards.Our business card are a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your customers and peers


Pick the best one for your brand to share your details innovatively and instantly. Let’s contribute to our environment.