Frequently Asked Questions



What are your Shipping destinations?

We deliver our products with in India.

How long my order will take? / how long does it take to create?

It takes 5-10 days for processing. It may vary based on shipping locations and the tracking details will be provided when it is ready.

Shipping cost

All orders have free shipping to India. We use FedEx, USPS, or DHL to ship outside of United states and offer whichever is most affordable at the time. 

Card Design

Whether I can customize my own design?

No, xpresscards provided some specific templates to choose and in addition to this, we offered to add your company logo on a business card.

Can I get card with my logo?

Yes, we can put your company logo on the card but if only you choose business cards. And we also providing some specific templates to make your card stand out.


What happen if card is lost?

You can protect your details by locking or by deactivating account by yourself and also you can contact us by email. Then, you can place an order for new card.

What if card is damaged?

We will Provide the replacement card if it is damaged within a year of purchasing.

Is there any offer for bulk orders?

You can contact us by email to discuss more about offers.

NFC Card

What is NFC business card?

NFC card is a digital business card, which is personalized with your name and company logo printed on it. Our xpresscards are embedded with NFC and QR code, when the receiver tapped this card, the NFC will be enabled on a smartphone, or by scanning the code the contact information will appear on phone.

Does it needs internet?

Yes, to access information and for editing or to update details you need internet.

Is it possible to update or can edit my details?

Yes, information can be edit at any time by logging into your account.

What are the details are available inside the card?

Using our digital business card, you can provide your short bio to a receiver such as your name, designation, company name, phone number, email, website, Facebook, Instagram, and office address details.

Is card is durable?

Our smart business card is made up of high-quality digital printing and would be long-lasting.

Where does my details will be stored?

Information provided by you will be securely stored in cloud and also you can update your information at any time.

Pick the best one for your brand to share your details innovatively and instantly. Let’s contribute to our environment.