Let’s Be #Sustainable

Save Energy And Resources

No more carrying traditional visiting cards – start saving the planet with NFC Xpress Cards. Help the environment with every interaction you have, start today!

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XPRESS CARDS – an initiave Towards Sustainability

Let’s Make Communication meaningful in every way possible

Xpress Cards – NFC Enabled Smart Business Cards. Feel the freedom by using Xpresscards. No need to carry bunch of visiting cards on your wallet anymore. It’s time to stop the use of paper business cards to save our planet. Every interaction with a Smart business card saves the lives of trees & resources.

We bulit Xpresscards as a sustainable solution for reducing cutting down Trees & wasting Resources. Xpresscards are better for the environment. Let’s Transform the way we connect with Business clients, customers, family and friends.

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Feel One Step ahead, updated and innovative at every interaction with NFC cards

Mobile and Business card

All Details In One

We believe everyone of us are more than a Name & Number on a piece of paper. Express yourself with all you have.

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Eco – Friendly

Everyday, you can save a lot of trees by decreasing paper usage by using this card. Cards are built by utilizing digital resources that minimizes wastage in every aspect.

Make The SMART Move

In XPRESS CARDS, We leverage NFC technology & create a wonderful networking solution. With this you can easily share your

  • Contact details
  • Social media links
  • VCF cards
  • Website Links
  • Social Media Links
  • MAP Coordinates
  • Video Links
  • Product Boucher, Manuals, Menu cards, Rate list as PDF Files and much more details with customers and business stake holders in a single tap.

I support #LifeOnLand

A flourishing life on land is the foundation for our life on this planet.
We are all part of the planet’s ecosystem and we have caused severe damage to it through deforestation, loss of natural habitats and land degradation. Promoting a sustainable use of our ecosystems and preserving biodiversity is not a cause. It is the key to our own survival.

Sdg Goals 15

What is NFC business card?

NFC card is a digital business card, which is personalized with your name and company logo printed on it. Our xpresscards are embedded with NFC and QR code, when the receiver tapped this card, the NFC will be enabled on a smartphone, or by scanning the code the contact information will appear on phone.

Is it possible to update or can edit my details?

Yes, information can be edit at any time by logging into your account.

Can I get card with my logo?

Yes, we can put your company logo on the card but if only you choose business cards. And we also providing some specific templates to make your card stand out.

What happen if card is lost?

You can protect your details by locking or by deactivating account by yourself via your login or also you can contact us by email.

Have any more questions? Email  [email protected]

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